24 Jan 2017

39. a new dawn a new day 

Ok, so 'a new dawn a new day' is a cliche. 

Cliches are continually given new life because of their widespread applicability, even despite often being trite, tired, worn out, and well... well usedA word or an expression can convey the richness of an idea and in a few words can capture what we are trying to articulate more concisely than we likely can on our own - less is more, if you will, and they are greater than the sum of its parts, if you really will.

Artists and writers attempt to avoid cliches. We might allude to them or attempt to incorporate them in (what we think are) novel ways, but we rarely overtly embrace them. We night use them to make a point or use them laden with sarcasm or irony, but rarely do we overtly recite or re-postulate them. The creative mind is striving to achieve - you guessed it - creativity. We aim for novelty, uniqueness, +/or a degree of critical composition. 

So, why the cliches? 

Laziness? Lack of discipline? 

No - cliches are being used to form the backdrop of this discussion. The theme here is really one of 'days' - new days, old days, any days. 

Days go by.

I haven't posted to this blog in over three years. 

Life comes at you quick, and life happens. 

Despite all of the pursuits that I find myself immersed in, I don't feel as though I've progressed as far as I feel I should have over the past few years. I measure progress by 'things' completed, and there have been few. However, I have many, many things that are indeed progressing and developing - a slow burn of sorts. The most significant change I have made has been towards attempting to create my best work by placing a large degree of focus on the details that form the underlying basis of each pursuit. 

Quality over quantity. 

With this said, I want to embrace and capture the process. Despite my careful and methodical (aka slow) development of all things creative, baby steps are being taken. This blog will be the place where everything lives during development and upon completion.

So not to beat a dead horse, and although needless to say that it might sound cliche, it is now time to pick this blog back up.


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