21 Feb 2012

7. becoming (1)

The Process of Becoming

This is the first post in a discussion that will likely span several posts around the idea of 'becoming' and is considered in several contexts. 

There are finite milestones in our lives where a formal recognition of sorts defines the distinct edges of a process. These quantifiers signify a transition between 'becoming' and 'become', and we have defined these signifiers with certificates, credentials, accolades, or even commissions. Examples might include, for example, graduation, obtaining a license, marriage, anniversaries, or retirement, just to name a few. Processes are inherently continuous by definition, however, it is almost always the sheer existence of the milestone that causes the process of 'becoming' to be solidified as 'become'. 

"Becoming" an architect, for example, involves years of formal schooling which is followed by several (or more) years of practical experience intended to demonstrate basic proficiency to and of the profession. However, the practice of architecture is truly a life's pursuit, one in which the prerequisite requirements for registration are essentially a starting point for many, many years of evolution of both the profession and of the knowledge of the architect. Not restricted to the practice of architecture, the 'grey hairs' earned in many disciplines metaphorically and literally impart experience and knowledge.

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