16 Jan 2012

1. introduction

1. There are apparently in the neighbourhood of 450,000,000 blogs in existence in the world (see source ).

Well, make that 450,000,001.

Why does the world, or at least the online world, need yet another blog? In truth, it probably doesn't. A digital, online forum, however, has the potential to become an executive summary of sorts - a repository of my thoughts, ideas, creations, experiences - plus pretty much any of the seemingly infinite random synaptical offerings that venture from the dark recesses of my mind, through my arms, then hands, then fingers, only to take their place and be permanently solidified among the vast plethora of existing 1's and 0's buried deep within the digital realm. Plus, a blog gives me a central place to connect my online personas with my avatars and interweave architecture with music with design with writing with photography with, well, as you have hopefully figured out, many, many things.

So, sit back, enjoy, feel free to participate, and enter the unknown journey into my head via my creative aspirations, my ideas, and at times, my seemingly anti-logic.

Welcome to spintonewireform - mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

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